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Intuitive Design

One of our strengths is the ability to intuitively understand our clients needs and communicate them through design.

V8 Custom Guitars

We helped with a recent website redesign.  From the beginning we had plenty of work to do getting up their logo and graphics.  Let's just say Spanky from v8custom is very particular. And that's because he's a genius!  Because of his genius, he's been interviewed by Jay Leno and built with Gene Winfield.  He had a vision of a world where guitars and hot rods meld into some inkredibly kool instruments. (The k is a hot rod thing.)  He needed a logo that communicated that idea.  In his world, there is NO flat design, it's ALL larger than life. 

Producing his logo involved bending and warping real objects like liquid metal until it formed the realization of his dream.  In addition, he envisioned his website being the inside of an old barn where a kool kat might build his hot rods and rock out.  Each guitar, amp, jukebox and car part had to be painstakingly created. Overlays for headlights and neon lights needed to be made.  A true labor of love, his site proves any dream can be made reality on the web. Check out his awesome instrument galleries. They show off some of our photography and editing skills.

Responsive Design


All of our website designs are responsive, meaning that they scale to any device and screen size, whether it be desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

We use modern technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap to construct websites that work on any device.